Physician Duan Qian Mei

TCM Physician (TCMPB registered)

Physician Duan Qian Mei has over 20 year’s experience in TCM. She graduated from China’s  Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a Bachelor’s Degree. She has practised in China, Singapore, the United States of America. She is  well-skilled in acupucture and has treated many lifestyle health issues like metabolic syndromes, health issues related with a sedentary lifestyle, chronic fatigue syndrome as well as obesity and aging related health issues.

Her past accolades involve achieving 95% efficacy in abdominal weight loss in her clinical patients. Physician Duan is fluent in both English and Mandarin.


Physician Huang Yannan

TCM Physician (TCMPB registered)

Physician Huang Yannan graduated from the Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2012. She certifications in beauty therapy as well. Physician Huang is well- skilled in acupuncture, fire moxibustion and TCM techniques. Her speciality is in face TCM with acupuncture, face bojin and guasa for lifting and anti-aging effects.

She is fluent in both English and Mandarin.


Physician Chen Hui Fang

TCM Physician (TCMPB registered)

Physician Chen Hui Fang graduated from the prestigious Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a Master’s Degree.  She is has been active in practice since 2000, with her specialities in acupuncture, moxibustion and guasa in men and women’s health.

Physician Chen is well-rounded in all disciplines for internal medicine, pediatric, eye, skin, pain management, fertility, weight management and TCM otolaryngology.  She is fluent in both English and Mandarin.


Consultation & Diagnosis

Our Physician’s speciality is in using their skills in diagnosis. This is crucial for ensuring efficacy of the TCM programs. They are well skilled in acupuncture, cupping and combining this with herbal medication to achieve the best results and solutions for health conditions.  Prices start from S$25 for short consultation, $40 for long consultation and review from $10. Price quote are nett & not subject to 8% gst.



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